Daniel Yocom

Guild Master Gaming Has Deep Roots.

Personally, I have been playing tabletop games as long as I can remember. I started playing role-playing games in 1979, when I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons while in high school. As computer gaming developed I wasn’t involved much. Partly because I would get motion sick with the games that had a lot of movement, but mostly because, for me, gaming is a social activity. Tabletop gaming has the social aspects I prefer. I also feel computer games are more like a once and done game, like solving a puzzle, whereas, a good tabletop game can be played many times without feeling like it’s just repeating itself. Most people I know play some type of computer based game, I just prefer my games in a different format.

I have gamed in a number of different groups. Over the years the size has changed as people drift in and out. We have always been welcoming of new players, which is something I’ve seen in the general gaming community. Our current gaming group has hundreds of games available through our personal game libraries, and we have a couple hundred years of game playing experience. This doesn’t mean we know what’s right—it just means we know what we like. As authors, and players, we are sharing some of our experiences. But, we are also listening to others so we can find out what they like and what they are looking for.

Guild Master Gaming is for the promotion and support of tabletop games, or hobby gaming: board games, card games, dice games, etc. Basically, we support games that don’t require a computer or device to play. We support this style of game playing because we believe games help social bonding in families and between friends.

To further our goals we supply material to expand your gaming pleasure. Some of the material will be free and some will be sold. This will mostly depend on the amount of creativity the developer/author has put into their work, and what they deem is proper compensation. If you are interested in submitting work for possible publication with Guild Master Gaming, please see our submission guidelines and requirements.

" This was a fun, easy read. Perfect for avid readers who like short stories. Full of fun fantastical stories. I especially liked the short story by LDB Taylor - Lilith's Ale."

- Pepper

" Created to celebrate Utah's largest and oldest writing guild, The League of Utah Writers on their 85th anniversary, this book takes its title from the great Toni Morrison who said the function of freedom is to free others. With that prompt, League members created a stunning collection of interpretations and tales. Fiction, poetry and history, all in one. A keepsake and a triumph of the writer's spirit."

- J. Worthen

"I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the stories in this collection that was put together to honor the League's 85th anniversary. Utah has a lot of great writers and this book proves it. "

- Bryan Young