If Not Now, When?

There is always a question that if you are unwilling to take an action now, when will you do it. In this collection of short stories and poetry the authors explore that question across multiple genres including fantasy, science-fiction, historical, western, and more.

The Peaks of Madness

From the creators of Old Scratch and Owl Hoots, It Came from the Great Salt Lake, Apocalypse Utah, and The Hunger, comes the next installment of New Utah Horror Peaks of Madness: A Collection of Utah Horror.

A Year of the Monkeys

There is a theory that says if you give typewriters to one hundred monkeys, and let them type for one hundred years, they will eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare. We decided to put that theory to the test – with a few minor modifications. 

The Function of Freedom

For 85 years, The League of Utah Writers has worked diligently to encourage and nurture the writing talent in Utah. This collection was assembled to mark the occasion of the League’s anniversary and showcases the talent from all corners of the state.